General presentation

Les Amis de l'Euro (The friends of the Euro):

  • unlike most existing coin collecting societies, ours does not concentrate on the currency of one specific country, but is specialized in one currency: the Euro.
  • is currently the largest coin collecting society in France in terms of current membership levels: 1106.
  • is a society dedicated to the needs of collectors, offering a wide range of services
  • has an internet site that allows members to exchange information and news:

    Above all, membership of the society is focused on taking part in and supporting research work, coordination of information and news, as well as the development of diverse services provided by the society. The annual 10 euro subscription fee covers the society’s running costs.

Les Amis de l'Euro (The friends of the Euro) has four main objectives: 

      Information          Animation

  Representation        Collection

Supplement the discovery of the society by visiting the following detailed presentations: Providing information, Animation, Collecting, Representing Collectors.

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Last update the 22/11/2010
by Olivier FOURNIER