Legal mentions

Publisher of the Internet sites

The Internet sites, and are published by the association “the Friends of the Euro”, whose registered office is located at 36 rue Vivienne - 75002 PARIS - FRANCE. It is an association governed by the French law dated 1901 registered in the “Journal officiel de la République française” dated December 20, 2003 (deposit n° 1783). E-mail contact:


Respect of the rights

The whole of the elements figuring in the Internet sites, and such as their subsites is protected by the provisions of the French Code of Intellectual Property. In accordance with this code, it is forbidden to use and/or reproduce and/or represent and/or modify and/or adapt and/or translate and/or copy and/or distribute, any of the elements of these sites or the sites themselves, in an integral or partial way, on whatever medium it is (electronic, paper or any other medium) without the explicite and prior authorization of the association’s Board of directors.

This prohibition in particular extends, without this list being exhaustive, to any element from whatever nature appearing on the site, to the texts, to the presentation of the screens, to the needed operating softwares including special scripts, the logos, the pictures, photographs, diagrams, etc. However, all photographs or pictures containing the indication “” is free of rights under the express conditions that this indication is preserved in its entirety and that the picture is neither cropped nor “adulterated”.

Reminder of the French Code of Intellectual Property (extracts of articles 335-2 and 335-3)

« 335-2. Any edition of writings, musical composition, design, painting or any other production, entirety or partly printed or engraved, regardless of the laws and regulations relating to the property of the authors, is a counterfeit; and any counterfeit is an offence.

In France, the counterfeit of works published in France or abroad is punished with two years of imprisonment and 150 000 € fine.

335-3. Are also an offence of counterfeit any reproduction, representation or diffusion by whatever means of a work of the mind in violation with the rights of the creator of software as defined in the article L122-6. »


Personal data

The Internet site was declared to the CNIL (National Commission for DP and Freedom) and received the following recording number: 1167283.

In accordance with the Data-processing and Freedom Law (Nr 78-17 of January 6, 1978), our members have a right of access, of modification, of amendment and suppression of the data relating to them. They can exercise it by addressing an e-mail to the secretariat of the association ( or by post to the registered office.

Collected information is exclusively meant for the use of our association. In any case, it never will be communicated to third parties; it can be also used for statistical analysis.

As the CNIL requires it, we must inform you that a cookie can be written in your computer when you connect to our Internet site. Without identifying you or collecting personal information, this device records some data relating to your surfing on our Internet sites.

Last update the 21/08/2010
by Clément Caudron