How to contact us


If you would like to receive more general information concerning the society :

Write to this email address for more information, answers to your questions about our aims, projects (...) :

Contact address for press members, government officials and institutions, coins collecting/numismatic organizations :

By email :

By phone : +331 75 43 49 41 (answering machine)
By fax :  +331 75 43 49 42

Or by post to the address bellow.

If you are a ADE member :


Olivier FOURNIER, President

For all suggestions and project follow-up issues, for enquiries relating to staff management (follow-up of assistants, general organization), and for access rights to the internet site, contact the following address:


Fabrice ROLLAND, Vice President

For all strategical partnerships issues, European scale's lobbying actions, legal and fiscal follow-up of “Amis de l'Euro” association, contact the following address:


Jean-Luc LEFEBVRE, Secretary General

For all questions/requests related to the management of your personal data (change of contact details, rights to access personal data held on computer...), questions concerning the internet forum (moderation, removal of messages, problems with connecting to the site...) or for any questions relating the association's organizational procedures (General Meetings...), contact the following address:


Joachim MARCHANDISE, Financial Manager

For all questions/requests for information related to financial questions, (membership subscription fees, consolidated orders, the association's budget, donations, grants....), contact the following address:

Clément CAUDRON, Member of Executive Board, Director of the section "Information" and of the forum

For all questions relating to the association's information's missions (Headings "Countries", "Documents", "News" et "Online catalogue" (see also hereunder) so that the Forum (registration, use, moderation, activities), contact the following address:

Bruno RAMOS, Member of Executive Board, Director of the section "Collection"

For all questions relating to the global management of the Consolidated Orders (items, wholesalers proposal), for the boxes bearing the image of the association, contact the following address:


Michel PRIEUR, Consultant for strategy

For all questions relating to the "Bulletin Numismatique", Chevau-Légers publications, (the "Euro" series), and general press contacts, contact the following address:


Laurent SCHMITT, Consultant, in charge of Public Relations at coin fairs and salons

In order to meet us during coin fairs and salons across Europe to ask questions, pass on documents (...), contact the following address:



Claude BOY, Assistant, in charge of Editorial Content

To suggest articles for the internet forum or the Bulletin Numismatique, contact the following address:


Dominique BROCHET, Assistant, in charge of Consolidated Orders

For all questions related to the follow-up and management of your orders, and also proposal of items for sale and/or information on possible sellers, contact the following address:


Patrice CHEVY, Assistant, in charge of "Euro's history"

For all questions relating to Euro's history and European countries, contact the following address:


Emmanuel SAELENS, Assistant, in charge of Documentation

For all that relates « Documentation » section (proposals for addition of documents, modifications to be made, specific questions, comments), contact the following address:

Fields directly related to studying and collecting Euro coins and notes

Clément CAUDRON, Assistant, in charge of Euro coins (circulating, BU, Proof)

For all issues related to the coins (circulating, BU, Proof) section of the catalogue, contact the following addresses:, and


Pierre SOUBEYRAS, Assistant, in charge of Official boxed sets and non-circulating commemoratives coins

For all issues related to the box sets and non-circulating commemorative coins section of the catalogue, contact the following addresses: and


Olivier FOURNIER, President, in charge of Artefacts, banknotes and Varieties

For all issues related to the artefacts section, to the banknotes section and to the Varieties section of the catalogue, contact the following addresses:, and


Anthony ROYAssistant, in charge of Euro items
For all issues related to the Euro items section of the catalogue, contact the following address:


You may also send us a mail at:

Association « LES AMIS DE L'EURO »
100 rue de Lille


Or by fax at this number: +331 75 43 49 42

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