Representing collectors

Our society's large membership (more than 1000) allows us to dispose of a certain « representation weight ». We can indeed legitimaly present us as being the representatives of the collectors of the Euro. This heading introduces the various actors beside which we are these « representatives ».

First of all, we represent the collectors at the Fédération Française des Associations Numismatiques (FFAN) - French Numismatic Societies Federation - and at the International Numismatic Council (INC) whose the Friends of the Euro are members. It seems important to us that the authorities of numismatics, often only interessed in historical aspects of the currencies and banknotes, have a glance on the modern numismatics and particularly the Euro.

This heading also presents the CEDA prize: the « Coupure Euro De l'Année » (Euro Item of The Year) prize is yearly awarded to the institute having issued the most beautiful coin, the most beautiful banknote or all other euro related item which have the mostly impressed our membership. It is the opportunity for The Friends of the Euro to make talk about the single currency and the association beside the issuing institutes and the public, via an overall aknowledged prize.
The Friends of the Euro do not fail to defend the interest of the collectors each time that is necessary. We put forth recommendations, advices to issuing institutes and European institutions (European Commission, European Central Bank) and, each year, we write a summary report for the European Commission. All our reports and exchanges with the institutes and institutions are filed in the members-only part of the website.

Finally, we do not forget the Press, the best way to make the Euro's numismatics and the society's activities known to the collectors and the general public.

Last update the 12/10/2010
by Olivier FOURNIER