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Hotel des Monnaies autrichien: programme 2012

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Klimt and his Women

Gustav Klimt’s paintings may be among the most famous, coveted and valuable in the world today but you no longer need to be a billionaire to start your very own collection of his greatest masterpieces.
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Viennese master’s birth in 1862, from 2012 the Austrian Mint is producing its brilliant new five-coin series, Klimt and his Women.

From classical and allegorical to erotic and mythological, Klimt succeeded in portraying female beauty like few other painters, to the extent that his name is synonymous with the representation of the female form.
As in the case of many great artists, Klimt’s work was characterised by distinct creative periods, one of the most successful being his “golden phase”. Each of the five stunning coins in this magnificent collection depicts a different painting of a woman from that phase.
For just €505 each mini masterpiece can be yours in solid gold. What could be more fitting?

Five years, Five Klimts

A woman whose relationship to the artist is still a matter of speculation, a tree blossoming in a mystical manner, a kiss that continues to move the world more than a century after it was painted. These are just three of the works from Klimt’s golden phase that open up manifold associations of love, happiness and hope to the observer and will form part of our unique Klimt and his Women series over the next five years.
Each beautiful new 50 euro solid gold coin in the series, all featuring a woman who moved Klimt, will be issued at the beginning of every year from 2012 to 2016.

Committed to creating coins that are both worthy of the great artist and do justice to his artistic vision, our engravers have devoted themselves to the subject with their usual passion, vigour and creativity.
Take a look at the first coin in the collection, Adele Bloch-Bauer I, and you will see exactly what we mean. The great man himself would no doubt have been very proud.

Adele Bloch-Bauer I

One of Klimt’s most famous paintings, Adele Bloch-Bauer I is both the first in the collection and a prime example of the artist’s golden period.

Wealthy and worldly, Adele Bloch-Bauer was one of the most prominent women in turn-of-the-20th-century Vienna. Gustav Klimt took some four years to complete the famous portrait of her reproduced in exquisite detail on the coin's reverse, which led to speculation that the lady and the artist, whose portrait features on the coin's obverse, were lovers. Whether or not the painting was a veritable labour of love has never been proved, but when it sold for $135 million in 2006 it was the most expensive painting in the world at that time.

Bearing the letter ‘K’, it also provides the first letter in his name, and with each subsequent coin providing a different letter so that the complete series spells the word ‘KLIMT’, once you have started you won’t want to stop until you have completed your very own Klimt collection.




face value

50 Euro

date of issue


coin design

Th. Pesendorfer
H. Wähner


22 mm


Gold Au 986

fine weight

10 g

total weight

10.14 g


€ 505


Official Austrian Euro coin set 2012 in special uncirculated quality

Get a lasting and comprehensive numismatic memento of 2012 in the shape of the superb Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2012 .
The eight-coin set contains the 2 euro coin issued by all 17 eurozone countries to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the introduction of euro banknotes and coins. Following a Europe-wide competition, the winning design was chosen from the work of Helmut Andexlinger, one of the Austrian Mint’s leading designers. A winning combination of award-winning design and premium quality, this mini masterpiece is guaranteed to please.



Euro Coin Set 2012

face valui

1 Cent to 2 Euro

date of issue

2 January 2012


SU 50,000


€ 24,- (20 % VAT incl.)

Please order the set here. 

Brand new but already a best seller - Baby Euro Coin Set 2012

Make the wonderful event even more unforgettable with our Baby coin set 2012. Featuring all eight uncirculated quality euro coins, the Baby coin set 2012 is both a charming memento of a child’s birth as well as a lasting memory of the year in which he or she was born.
Patron of our 2012 Baby coin set, our original Happy Teddy Bear by world famous teddy bear manufacturer Steiff is guaranteed to delight any child. It can be ordered on our website under accessories.

The maximum mintage of both Euro coin sets together is 50,000.

Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012
The first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games is an occasion worth commemorating in style. Being the third Winter Olympics to be held in the capital of the Tyrol makes Innsbruck 2012 even more memorable. This superb silver medal makes it unforgettable.

At Innsbruck 2012 more than a thousand teenagers from some 60 countries competed in a total of 15 disciplines from 7 different winter sports, a particular highlight being the first ever staging of competitive women’s ski jumping in the history of the Winter Olympics.
The obverse of the 40mm diameter medal shows these 15 disciplines, while its reverse shows the official logo of the Winter Olympics and the year 2012. The inscription “1st Winter Youth Olympic Games, 13-22 January 2012” appears in the outer ring on both sides. The medal is fittingly struck to a limited mintage of 2012 pieces.



Olympische Jugend-Winterspiele in Innsbruck


copper and nickel

total weight

20.50 g


40.00 mm 


2012 pcs.


€ 20.12,- (20 % VAT incl.)

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